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The Personal History Initiative aims to tell New Yorkers’ stories. What challenges do you face? What obstacles have you overcome? How do current events factor into your everyday life?

Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2024-06-26

Your bags are packed, tickets in hand, and eyes set on the horizon … or maybe just down the street of your neighborhood. However you choose to spend the summer season, there’s always an adventure to be had even in your own backyard. Where is this summer taking you?

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Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2024-05-30

Pride Month is when we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community! Are you participating in a parade, attending a community event, or spending time with friends? Is there something special you like to do to celebrate? Tell us how you celebrate Pride Month!

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Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2024-04-29

May is National Pet Month. Do you have a fuzzy friend that keeps you company? Maybe something less fuzzy and more scaly, slimy, or feathery instead? Share what makes your companion special!

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Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2024-04-02

April 8th is a special day for thousands of New Yorkers and many others as the moon passes in front of the sun creating midday darkness. Are you having an eclipse watching party or traveling to reach a spot for witnessing solar totality? How are you watching this once or twice in a lifetime cosmic event?

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Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2024-02-28

March may still be at the tail end of winter, but we are seeing green in all the ways we can help the environment. Do you take part in your local recycling program? Do you like to plant your own vegetables or contribute to a community garden? Tell us how you are planning a greener future!

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Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2024-01-29

The NYS Library has collections related to Black history, from the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation and continuing through the development of the Harlem neighborhood in NYC, known as the Harlem Renaissance, and more. Over the years we've celebrated Black History Month focusing on some notable New Yorkers, featuring information by and/or about individuals including Kenneth B. Clark, Duke Ellington, and Sojourner Truth. We want to hear from you! Is there a Black artist, writer, scientist, friend, or family member that's inspired you? 

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Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-12-22

Is the new year inspiring you to learn something different? Time to pick up those skis, paint brushes, or sewing needles and show us what new hobbies you’re picking up this year!


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Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-11-21

How do you light up the darkest time of the year? Do you decorate for holidays with festive illuminations? Tell us what sparks a light within you!


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Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-10-31

We are inviting the library community to join in this initiative by sharing the history of your library, untold stories from those you serve, or your own history in relation to libraries. This is an opportunity to celebrate unsung library heroes, record origin stories, and share the transformative power libraries have had on you and your community. These histories will then be added to the Personal History Initiative digital archives, preserved for future generations as part of the public record.

We have created three categories for sharing:

  • Local Archives: The history of your library
  • Uncataloged: Histories from your library community
  • Me, Myself & Library: Your own history in libraries

    Download the flyer and social media images for Tell Us About Your Library

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    Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-10-25

    November is National Family Literacy Month! Does your family have a special tradition for reading together? Tell us how your family fosters a love for reading throughout the generations.

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