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The Personal History Initiative aims to tell New Yorkers’ stories. What challenges do you face? What obstacles have you overcome? How do current events factor into your everyday life?

Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-11-21

How do you light up the darkest time of the year? Do you decorate for holidays with festive illuminations? Tell us what sparks a light within you!


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Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-10-31

We are inviting the library community to join in this initiative by sharing the history of your library, untold stories from those you serve, or your own history in relation to libraries. This is an opportunity to celebrate unsung library heroes, record origin stories, and share the transformative power libraries have had on you and your community. These histories will then be added to the Personal History Initiative digital archives, preserved for future generations as part of the public record.

We have created three categories for sharing:

  • Local Archives: The history of your library
  • Uncataloged: Histories from your library community
  • Me, Myself & Library: Your own history in libraries

    Download the flyer and social media images for Tell Us About Your Library

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    Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-10-25

    November is National Family Literacy Month! Does your family have a special tradition for reading together? Tell us how your family fosters a love for reading throughout the generations.

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    Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-09-22

    Do you know of a place where the past refuses to remain buried or maybe gives you a fun fright for the fall season? Tell us about a place that spooks or haunts you!

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    Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-08-21

    September is Library Card Signup Month, a time when libraries across the nation spread the word about the benefits of signing up for a library card. Do you use yours to start a new hobby? Learn a new language? Develop a skill? Tell us what you use your library card for!

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    Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-07-26

    How do you get around where you live? Do you have a favorite train, rideshare, or a good old fashioned bike to get you where you need to go? Is your mode of transportation a bit more unique like a unicycle, a pair of skates, or an electric skateboard? Tell us what moves you!

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    Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-06-22

    Do you have a favorite swimming spot, waterpark, or activity for when the temperature rises? Maybe it’s just a kiddie pool in the backyard or an open fire hydrant. Splash us with your favorite ways to keep cool this summer!

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    Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-05-18

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Start summer off right with a visit to your favorite ice cream shop and give them a shout out. Tell us what makes them the best and how they make summer great.

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    Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-04-20

    Kindles, iPads, phone apps, there’s no correct way to read your favorite stories; but there’s nothing quite like turning the pages of a physical book. What are you reading now? How are you reading it? Where do you like to be when getting lost in a story? Share a picture of your favorite book and tell us why it’s the best!

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    Submitted by NYSL Staff on 2023-03-27

    Tulips rising from the flowerbeds, the sound of ducks returning to their ponds, and longer days stretching into warmer evenings. Signs of spring are all around! What tells you it’s spring in New York?

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