About the Project

This project is managed by the Manuscripts and Special Collections Unit of the New York State Library. 

Do you have questions about the project or submitting content? Are you interested in donating your journal? Contact the Manuscripts and Special Collections Unit by email or by phone (518-474-6282).


Although we are all being asked to do the same things - maintain social distance, stay in our homes, support essential workers, etc. - each of us feels the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic in unique ways.

The experiences of all New Yorkers, from Long Island to Plattsburgh and from Albany to Buffalo, make up the foundation of our state's history. To record and preserve the unprecedented, historical events unfolding around us currently, Manuscripts and Special Collections (MSC) encourages all New Yorkers to keep a journal documenting what their daily lives are like during the pandemic. The challenges you’re facing; the obstacles you’re having to overcome; and the creative ways you’ve found to connect with family, friends, and your community are all experiences to think on and write down.

MSC asks that you consider donating your journal at a future date to the New York State Library. We'll preserve the journals for future generations to study and learn from.

MSC also plans to record interviews with New Yorkers interested in sharing their story this way. Interviews will be conducted by phone until the crisis has passed and public meetings are once again safe. These oral histories will be preserved in the New York State Library's collection and will also prove to be a valuable resource for future study.

Read more about ways to document your experiences.